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October 2019 Archives

What are your child custody options over the holidays?

The holidays are coming, and parents who share custody need to know how they're going to approach this festive family season. Do you know what your plan is or what the court order allows? Have you already talked to your ex to see what they would like to do? Communication is very important. You need to work together to put the kids first, no matter what that means.

Could divorce help solve a financial problem?

Some couples in North Carolina might still love one another, but divorce can still hold an appeal. For these couples, the financial implications of divorce can be one of the appeals of ending a marriage, rather than the downside that they usually pose. Political discussions have focused on taxes on the wealthy, and if taxes do rise on wealthy families, some people may find that they pay more taxes as a married couple than they would if they were divorced. For taxpayers in the highest bracket in the U.S. - sitting at 37% - they may pay around $900 more each year under current tax laws than they would if each partner filed singly.

Asset division in a divorce can be complex

The division of assets during the divorce process can lead to much contention and disagreement between the two parties. One factor to keep in mind is that an agreement between the two on this issue is likely to be approved by a North Carolina divorce court. Otherwise, the court will impose a ruling, which neither party may be particularly happy about. For most couples, the family home is a significant or the most valuable asset owned by the couple, and any asset division must begin with a proper evaluation of it.

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