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Posts tagged "blog"

Is it the court's business what I spend child support on?

You receive child support to help you meet your children's needs, whether emotional or physical. Raising a child on your own is not easy, and like most custodial parents in North Carolina, you need the other parent to contribute. Does this mean your ex can dictate how you spend the child support you receive from him or her? Your ex-spouse may have threatened to get the family law court involved if you do not prove that every dollar of child support you spend is on the children.

Your divorce New Year’s resolutions

You managed to get through the holidays in one piece, but the New Year left you with the feeling that your marriage is over. You are not alone – divorce filings are more prevalent right after the holidays than any other time of year. Now is the time for you and other North Carolina residents preparing for a divorce to organize and start planning.

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