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Actions to take before filing for divorce

Divorce is arguably the most difficult topic to bring up to a spouse. However, sometimes it is an essential action so both people can ultimately be happier. 

First, it is important for a person to review all options. This can involve acquiring all the essential paperwork to make sure the divorce goes smoothly. It also involves speaking with an attorney to receive advice and to be ready once you finally pull the trigger. Anyone unsure if a divorce is truly best should follow some key actions to reach a decision one way or the other. 

Divorce mediation in North Carolina

The divorce process can be time-consuming, uncertain and expensive, particularly when spouses are resolving their differences through litigation. Mediation is a positive alternative to litigation for many couples. In divorce mediation, spouses work with a neutral mediator to work out their differences and reach solutions.

A mediator does not make any decisions about how a case will be resolved. Rather, the mediation will make suggestions and try to facilitate agreement. In mediation, nothing is resolved until both parties agree. In mediation, parties may also work with their lawyers in addition to the mediator.


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